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Wholesale Corrugated Boxes For Wisconsin Businesses

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Packaging in less than 24 Hours

Nelson Container is Wisconsin's premier custom corrugated packaging manufacturer. What do we mean by premier? We mean we're the fastest, most comprehensive, and least troublesome manufacturer available. Hands down.

Delivering Wholesale Custom Boxes at the Speed of QRM

In less time than it takes to enjoy your weekend, Nelson Container:

1 Boxes go
from design...
2 To Rapid
3 To I.S.T.A
4 To cutting, folding & gluing... 5 To
6 To shipping in
less than 48hrs!

We're able to complete this complex process because of a strategy called quick response manufacturing (QRM). This streamlines our entire process, keeping our warehouse free of clutter, our business flowing (both in and out), and the entire supply chain from coming to a complete standstill in Nelson Container's manufacturing plant.

When we found out about QRM, there was no way we weren't going to modify our facilities in order to reap the benefits of its fast and effective business model.

Custom Foam Packaging for Milwaukee Businesses

Nelson Container designs and manufactures inner packaging to provide added strength and security to your products. Inner packaging can also be used to organize your merchandise while in transit. Packaging inserts made from foam can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of any product including industrial parts, finished products, electronics, food and promotional items. Our custom foam portfolio includes expanded foam, anti-static foam, convoluted foam, and polyurethane foam.  

Bulk Corrugated Box Options

  • Corrugated mailers
  • Corrugated shipping boxes
  • Moving boxes
  • Heavy-duty boxes
  • Insulated boxes
  • Craft boxes
  • Custom inner packaging

Services Afforded to Nelson Container's Partners:


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