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Nelson Container is Hardford’s preferred source for custom designed, cardboard packaging and a multitude of other corrugated packing services. We specialize in Hartford QRM services, and Nelson Container’s lead times are always 24 hours or less, guaranteed! See below for a little bit of what we can do for you, or just contact Nelson Container for more info.

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Driving Directions from Hartford to Nelson Container

  • Follow WI-60 Trunk E and I-41/US-41 S to Holy Hill Rd in Richfield
  • Take Exit 57 from I-41/US-41 S
  • Turn left onto Holy Hill Rd
  • Turn right onto Goldendale Rd
  • Turn left onto Freistadt Rd
  • Turn right onto N River Ln
  • Arrive at Nelson Container
    (W180 N11921 River Lane, Germantown, WI 53022)

Custom Designed Packaging Today

We don’t only make boxes; we protect your investments. It's our job to make sure your goods are transported from business-to-business without any damage or delay. We take that job seriously, and ship out orders from our facilities at least once every day, shipping quality single-walldouble-wall, and triple-wall packaging to our business partners within 24 hours of order placement.

Your product gets where it’s going without being harmed by the elements. Ask yourself these questions:

Will your product be traveling by boat? By train? By 18-wheeled truck? Will it be exposed to the crushing weight of other products in the same transport vehicle? Frozen? Passing through the most humid conditions? Moved from one vehicle to another in the middle of a rainstorm?

Water-Resistant Films | Rigid, Layered Walls | Moisture-Resistant Glues

Nelson Container chooses the package materials with your transportation method and route in mind.

Protective Inner Foam Packaging

Take a carton of eggs, and drop it on the floor. The carton is perfectly undamaged, right? But how do the eggs look?

Simply designing a container isn’t enough. Our containers protect your product from the elements encountered during transit AND from the product’s own specifications. We design the protective shell as well as any protective inner foam or inner corrugated board designs needed to keep your product stationary and safe.

Not every object fits perfectly in a rectangular container. Not every object has rectangular dimensions. Not every object sits still and unaffected during a cross-country trip in a train car. When your product has awkward dimensions, a hard-to-identify center of gravity, sharp corners, or other complicating aspects, you need Nelson Container.

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The Beast Builds the Best Corrugated Boxes

Nelson Container’s largest box making machine, a jumbo folder/gluer, allows us to create large, jumbo or bigger corrugated boxes faster and cheaper than anyone else in Hartford.

More than just a big cube of paper, we can add anything from dividers to anti-static materials, creating the perfect solution to protect your goods. With 9 different flute profiles coming in either single, double or even triple walled configurations, we can create the perfect corrugated box to meet your needs.

Hartford Cardboard Packaging Supplies and Protective Packaging

Here at Nelson Container, customer service is our number one priority. We work directly with you to custom create cardboard and corrugated shipping containers that are the proper dimensions and designed to match your specific needs.

Contact the corrugated box experts at Nelson Container today!

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