Die Cut Packaging

Die Cut Packaging Boxes For Sale

Die-cutting is a process that uses a die press (cutter) to cut custom shapes to build boxes that fit products of any size or shape. Die-cut packaging is custom-designed to fit a particular item and eliminating unnecessary volume inside of the box. Custom packaging is often combined with graphics to create a unique and durable container.

Save Money With Custom Die-Cut Packaging

Using custom die-cut packaging will save your company money over standard shipping boxes. Although products are shipped by weight and not volume, wasting shipping space means less merchandise is transported per trip. Die-cut boxes are designed to fit specific items which reduces wasted space in the shipping process. Custom packaging also eliminates the need for additional packaging materials which fill in extra space such as foam peanuts or air pillows.

Custom Package Design With Nelson Container

Nelson Container’s team of engineers and package designers will create the ideal packaging solution that is custom-tailored to your product. Our exterior packaging is available in single, double, and triple-walled profiles which add strength and protects your product from damage. The inner packaging is an often overlooked aspect of custom boxes. Nelson Container is known for designing and creating custom inner packaging to protect your items from damage, organize products, and strengthen the shipping container.


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Nelson Container has been in the corrugated box business for over 50 years. We’ve designed, tested and manufactured corrugated boxes for shipping, storing, and displaying all kinds of heavy, fragile, and valuable products. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for strategic, on-time and environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

Let us know what you need to be protected while in transit, or for storage or display. If we don’t have the perfect solution already, we’ll design one.

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