Vendor Managed Inventory

We Offer Vendor-Managed Inventory

Corrugated Packaging VMI Services

Bottom line, VMI is the best way to respond to varying demand and get your orders shipped on time, and Nelson Container is the best corrugated package manufacturer in Wisconsin. We offer vendor managed inventory, quick response manufacturing, and sub-24-hour lead times among other services. We have built our company around quickly responding to the unpredictable needs of our business partners, scilicet you.

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Nelson Container performs Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) services for manufacturers throughout Wisconsin. A VMI relationship makes corrugated package manufacturing easier, faster, and even more consistent.

Our VMI customers enjoy:

  • Improved fill rates
  • Reduction of on-hand inventory
  • Decrease in out-of-stock events
  • Fast order processing

How Vendor

Managed Inventory Works:

Vendor managed inventory works best with already established business partners. For a one‑and‑done customer, VMI isn't the best option.

With repeat customers, the goal of VMI is to help manage your inventory for the products we are making containers for. Companies can see how we manage those specific products, and implement the same sort of plan on their other inventory if it makes sense to do so. When you grant Nelson Container access to your inventory management system, we will then be aware of where in the product process your product is and when we need to begin our package making process.

VMI Works Best with:

  • Partners whose packaging needs change on a set schedule
  • Partners with an unchanging product/s who need packaging at unpredictable, irregular intervals

This is simply the best way to handle a business‑to‑business relationship; there is no confusion about when you need your packaging to be ready and delivered straight to your supply floor.

Never Wait for Packaging

You won't be losing any of your business partners because your packaging didn't arrive on time. We ship straight to your production floor, and, with the option of having your packaging pre-assembled, your employees are free to continue their jobs. Leave the packaging to the experts at Nelson Container.

Contact Wisconsin’s best corrugated box manufacturers to meet varying demand on short notice.
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