Convoluted Foam Packaging

Convoluted Foam for Inner Packaging

Convoluted foam, also referred to as “egg crate foam” is one type of inner packaging material offered by Nelson Container. The polyurethane used to create convoluted foam is shock absorbent, lightweight and will not become permanently deformed, even after impacts. Convoluted foam can be easily die-cut into liners, pads and shapes for a truly custom packaging solution. Foam will protect merchandise from shifting or vibrations during shipping.

Convoluted Foam Packaging Solutions

Nelson Container offers custom inner packaging for plastics manufacturing, medical apparatuses, electronic components, foodstuffs, promotional items and more. Polyurethane convoluted foam is available in several densities to accommodate products of any shape or size. For fragile items such as electronics or food, anti-static and moisture-resistant foam can be ordered. Convoluted foam can be easily customized to fit existing packaging or be used in combination with our single, double, or triple wall corrugated containers. Not only does convoluted foam protect your products from damage, but it also keeps your merchandise organized.

Wholesale Egg Crate Foam Packaging

Inner packaging is a cost-effective method of protecting your product(s) from damage while in transit. Wholesale convoluted foam packaging from Nelson Container can be custom-cut to any container, allowing numerous products to be shipped in the same container. All of our packaging solutions are designed to be unique to your product and offer the greatest level of protection. No matter your industry, Nelson Container has the ideal inner packaging solution for your needs.

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When Is Convoluted Foam A Good Choice?

Convoluted foam has many benefits due to its unique shape. The peaks and valleys of convoluted foam offer increased shock absorption and airflow leading to its use in many different industries. Convoluted foam has seen use in recording studios to dampen sound, mattress toppers to better distribute weight, and in packaging to protect fragile items against unsafe handling. These varying properties make using convoluted foam great for many industries including:

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