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Custom Box Packaging Solutions for Your Unique Products

By definition, we are a custom corrugated packaging manufacturer in Wisconsin. By reputation, we are your partner in packaging.

Nelson Container is the best custom bulk packaging company in Wisconsin. Our team works with you to identify the packaging solutions you need, designing box specifications to suit your requirements including custom foam inserts when necessary to provide the best protection for your products.

Managing your process is hard enough without worrying about delayed shipping containers.

At Nelson Container, we do more than just sell boxes; we sell reliability.

Nelson Container Serves As Your Packaging Partner By:

  • Creating customized bulk packaging for your unique products
  • Understanding your product cycle
  • Recognizing your product delivery objectives
  • Streamlining warehousing and distribution with our exclusive online inventory management system
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory


Corrugated Packaging for Small Businesses


As a custom packaging supplier and manufacturer, we pride ourselves on being the best possible partners for our clients. Our success is dependent on yours, so we make a point to prove that we can help grow your business. Well-executed wholesale packaging is a major bonus when making a first impression with new customers, and a great tool to help build a customer base. Our corrugated packaging solutions are designed to be strong and well-organized to ensure your product arrives in the same condition you sent it. 


Thanks to the Quick Response Manufacturing process, we are able to respond and adapt quickly to your ever-changing needs. With sub-24 hour lead times, you can always rely on us to get you the packaging you need when you need it most. Mistakes and delays can be detrimental to small businesses and we're here to help make sure your supply chain is uninterrupted. Our mission is to help make sure your small business succeeds.


Why QRM Packaging Custom Package Design Contact Nelson Container


Fast Delivery of Custom Corrugated Boxes

Nelson Container's lead times are 24 hours or less, and we deliver on this promise consistently. With any other Wisconsin box manufacturer, you can't really be confident they'll meet their lead-time estimates. In turn, you can't promise your own customers the lead times they demand.

When you partner with Nelson Container, you gain a competitive advantage in your market.


Package Manufacturing Services

Innovation is necessary for success in the packaging industry, as in all industries. Continuous improvements to our package manufacturing processes have helped us grow, even during turbulent economic times. You don’t have to take our word for it; the proof is in the packaging. The improvements on our end lead to savings on your end in addition to the services we offer to ensure you always have your packaging how you want it, when you need it.

  • Package Assemblyinserting the protective inner packaging, securing it to the corrugated board
  • ISTA Testingperformance testing to ensure safe transport
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)keeping you stocked with packaging and responding to your business environment is Nelson Container’s specialty
  • Online Orderingexpedite your ordering process with our eKban online ordering system
  • Simple Printingbar codes, logos, hazmat pictorials and UPC labeling
  • Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)manufacturing strategy employed by Nelson Container allowing dynamic, short-notice, smaller orders to be filled quickly

eKban Online Ordering System Expedites your Order

When you place an order with Nelson Container's exclusive online ordering system eKban, we receive it right away. There's no need to print out purchase orders, call or fax over POs, and wait on a return confirmation. You place the order. We receive it. We ship your corrugated packaging in under 24 hours.

Vendor-Managed Inventory Available through Nelson Container

Nelson Container provides vendor-managed inventory (VMI). We keep you stocked on our packaging materials by understanding your business' fluctuating needs and schedule. You should never have to halt your production just for the lack of a box.

Quick Response Manufacturing

We've invested considerable resources in developing our facility to be capable of handling quick response manufacturing. QRM was developed at the University of Wisconsin Business School, and gives us the edge over competition. In less than 24 hours, we ship the corrugated packaging you ordered.

Business-to-Business Printing on Packages

Nelson Container prints simple, clear, concise, one-color labels on your packages, making them perfect for any B2B transit.

Packaging other than Corrugated Board

While we specialize in corrugated fiberboard packaging, we also make packages from other materials.

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Paper

We keep your options open.

Protective Foam Inner Package Assembly

Foam is popular for inner packaging due to its high strength in compression and its low weight. We use many types of foam inners, including anti-static and anti-moisture varieties to prevent product loss.

You can choose to receive inner foam packaging already placed into the cartons, saving you time on product packing.

ISTA Testing Processes

Nelson offers corrugated box testing to make sure your product is safe during transit. We test your product's packaging using realistic stress tests in the same temperature and humidity your product will experience in transit. ISTA testing makes absolutely certain your product arrives at its destination in just as great of a condition as it was in when it left your facility.


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