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Reliable & Custom Internal Packaging Protects your Products

Nelson Container values your business. We want to do everything we can to make absolutely certain your product gets where it’s going safely.

Custom Inner Packing Design in Wisconsin

Inner packing is a critical piece of any shipping container. Custom-designed inner packing is the ideal approach for optimal strength, protection, security, organization, and more. At Nelson Container, we can design custom inner packing optimized for your unique product(s). We have a long list of inner packing materials to choose from and a team of engineers to help you make the best decisions.  

Internal Foam Packaging Offers:Internal Foam Packaging Wisconsin

  • Protection from transportation damage
  • Lightweight alternatives to other packaging products
  • Easily customized inner-packaging
  • Anti-static / moisture-resistant brands
  • Insulation

Nelson Container can provide custom corrugated containers to meet whatever specifications you have. Our inner packaging design capabilities are almost unlimited. For a better idea of the more common inner packaging solutions we offer, check out our projects gallery. If you don't see what you need there, contact us. Chances are we can provide the packaging you need.


Custom Foam

Product Protection

We don’t just give you a few templates to choose from when we’re making your protective inner packaging; this isn’t foam peanuts. We know that you, your business, and your product are unique. We know your product is a significant investment, and we’ll protect that investment better than any other packaging company.

Nelson Container Offers a Variety of Inner ProtectionInternal Foam Packaging: Custom B2B inner packing

We go above and beyond when protecting your products, using our custom-made foam inserts as padding, and also using other methods of keeping your product and its packaging intact. Our primary goal is to keep your product(s) secure, organized, and protected during shipping. The methods we use are always the most cost-effective.

Nelson Container doesn't stop protecting when the impact hazard is gone. We offer alternative types of protective inner packaging as well, such as insulating layers for medical or food packaging in need of staying at cool temperatures. Take a look at the markets our clients are most often in. If you're in one of these industries, we have extensive experience improving packaging for companies just like yours. No matter the industry you're in, we can provide effective and reliable packaging solutions to improve the efficiency of your shipping.

Our mission, above all else, is to provide you with effective packaging solutions for your shipping needs. If your product isn’t getting to its destination undamaged, we’re doing our jobs wrong.


Jumbo Boxes for

Large and Oversized Shipping

Need jumbo-sized boxes for your product? With our Jumbo Flexo Folder Gluer machine (known around here as “The Beast”), we can produce cost-effective single to triple wall corrugated boxes for virtually any large item—including oddly shaped objects and those with an incongruous center of balance.

With Nelson Container, you don’t just get a box. You get a custom-designed box. Our engineers analyze bulge resistance, tensile strength and stress points to design custom packaging solutions that protect your shipments. In a hurry? Our Jumbo boxes have an average lead time of just 48 hours for new package design. Repeat orders can be completed in 24 hours.

We Succeed when You Succeed: Partner with Nelson Container

At Nelson Container, we don’t just make shipping containers: we contain risk. We have our own in-house ISTA testing facility adding to the reliability of our packaging. We thoroughly test your packaging to make certain there is minimal risk of damage during transit from your business to its destination.

Business partners have to be honest and open with each other in their dealings. We keep our promises and fulfill our contractual agreements not only for our benefit, but for the benefit of you and your company as well.

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