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Corrugated Shipping Boxes for Plastic Products

Nelson Container specializes in crafting corrugated shipping boxes tailored for plastic products. Whether you’re shipping large, irregularly shaped or small plastic products, our boxes are custom-made with layers of fluting and optional protective inner packaging to provide a safe, successful transit. We are a team of experts dedicated to providing you with high-quality corrugated boxes for your shipping needs with multiple options depending on your product's specifications.


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Services We Provide to Streamline Your Packaging Process

Shipping Boxes

for Plastic Products of All Sizes

At Nelson Container, we understand every plastic product is not the same size or shape, so we make corrugated shipping boxes for all sizes! Our precautions for protecting your products lie in our custom-made boxes. We analyze a variety of metrics to determine the best packaging solutions to keep your large, irregularly shaped or small plastic products safe.


Molded Furniture and Large Plastic Products

We got you covered with packaging plastic lawn chairs, tables, storage containers and more! Our experts specialize in custom-made corrugated boxes designed to fit any large plastic product. Nelson Container’s sturdy packaging solutions ensure your large plastic items will arrive in perfect condition. 

Irregularly Shaped Plastic Products

Not all plastic products are uniform in shape. We offer customizable corrugated boxes tailored to fit any irregularly shaped plastic items. Our custom-made foam inserts are sure to keep any oddity or rough vibration from damaging your fragile package during shipment. 

Efficient Packaging for Small Plastic Parts

Your small plastic parts will not run loose with Nelson Container. We package your small items with care and efficiency in bags with a protective surface and then pack them into our special corrugated boxes. This process ensures your small parts arrive in perfect condition.


Our In-House

ISTA Testing Lab

We care about your packages, so we test all shipping boxes at our in-house ISTA testing lab. This process ensures your plastic products will withstand any vibrations, drops and atmospheric conditions. Our ISTA testing helps us improve to make you a satisfied customer.

Distribution HazardMajor Test CategoryAssociated Test Types
Handling Drop Impact Shock Drop
Incline Impact
Vertical Impact
Transportation Vibration Vibration Fixed Displacement
Stacking Load Compression Static
(Dead Load)
Atmospheric Conditions Atmospheric Temperature

Nelson Container

Your Corrugated Packaging Partner

Nelson Container is committed to being your trusted corrugated packaging partner. Our team provides you with quality, custom-made corrugated shipping boxes for your unique plastic products. We guarantee a rapid 48-hour turn-around time for new customizations and a 24-hour turn-around time for previously used custom boxes. Our corrugated boxes provide enhanced protection against any handling risk. Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your shipping experience.

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