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Corrugated Boxes for the Plastics and Rubber Industry

Large Custom Corrugated (not cardboard) B2B Boxes

Nelson Container's The Beast allows us to customize your shipping containers to match your exact needs. What makes The Beast so special is its ability to cut, fold, glue, and ultimately produce jumbo-sized boxes we have engineered to make sure your product gets safely from Point A to Point B.

  • Plastic prototypes
  • Models
  • Heavy plastic parts
  • Large, obtuse industrial parts
  • Mold injectors
  • Containers for many small plastic parts
  • And more!

Nelson Container knows what it takes to keep the supply chain moving.

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Services We Provide to Streamline Your Packaging Process

Sturdy Plastic Products and Parts

Shipped Easily and Safely

By reinforcing the walls and changing the flutes within the packaging, our design engineers make your packaging strong enough to support and protect heavy objects, oddly shaped objects, objects with an incongruous center of balance, etc.

We look at bulge resistance, tensile strength, and stress points to maximize the safety of your product. We also look at environmental factors. After considering all these factors—and more—creating the boxes, and loading a test product into the packaging, we run it through our own in-house testing facility (ISTA) to make sure it stands up the rigors of transit.

Cutting Cost and

Gaining Efficiencies

Having a competitive edge is sometimes seen as only in the brand value or differentiation of a product, but that edge in your business can also simultaneously cut cost and create efficiencies in your supply chain. That's why we offer package printing services.

By having pictorial markings, box manufacturer's certificates, barcodes, and other human readables on your packages, your warehouse or manufacturing center employees can easily identify your packaged products on pallet rack systems, in assembly, or when the product has to be shipped. This is crucial if your business thrives on lean manufacturing or on Just-In-Time (JIT) production.

This reduces costs and creates efficiencies by not having to spend time searching for inventory and by not having to print new barcode labels. You can further create efficiencies in your manufacturing by using ready-to-use packaging (you don't have to assemble anymore). The added benefit is that your end users and customers also receive your products quicker and safer through the supply chain process.

Don't Wait For Packaging

Avoid confusion in your inventory's shipping and logistics supply chain by easing the ebb and flow of your lean manufacturing environment. Or Vendor Managed Inventory Services (VMI) works scalably with you as you change with the unpredictable fluctuation of your market. Of course, this works best when you have unchanging products with ready-to-go packaging or predictably constant packaging.

This efficiency is another step in allowing you to focus on the core of your business instead of the minor details.

Alternate Packaging Opportunities

But not every corrugated package can be strong enough or exactly meets the needs of a product. For times when we're shipping products too heavy or pointy or delicate, Nelson Container uses other materials to produce the packaging you need for safe business-to-business transit.

Quick Response


All of the aforementioned steps are completed faster than most people would think possible. After ordering your product, we get it made and ship it out to you within 24 hours.*

This is made possible by QRM (quick response manufacturing) practices, employed company-wide to reduce overhead, wasted space, wasted time, and wasted manpower.

It keeps the whole supply chain moving smoothly and adds to your bottom line.

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*(48 hours for first-time clients)

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