Custom Box Package Assembly

Pre-Assembled Packaging Expedites Your Process

Ready-to-Use Corrugated Packaging

Nelson Container provides your company with foam inner packaging to protect your investment, but we don’t stop there. We show the necessary initiative, and take the extra step to assemble packages we manufacture for your company. Corrugated board, wood, paper, or plastic containers all come with the required foam inner packaging already inserted.

Some companies would cut the corrugated board and foam, and then ship both products to you on separate pallets, entirely unassembled; the box folds aren’t glued; the handles aren’t punched out; the instructions telling you how to fold the boxes and assemble them are missing; the product is incomplete, and the job is failed.

Pre-Assembled Packaging Saves Money:

  • Time – all that’s left to do is put your product inside the packaging
  • Labor – no additional employees are needed on your end to specialize in putting together the packaging

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Easy and Efficient Packaging

If making a submarine sandwich isn't your wheelhouse, you pick up the phone and call Jimmy John's.

Nelson Container is something like the Jimmy John's of custom corrugated packaging. You have better things to do with your time than figure out how to put together the packaging your product will be shipped in. Let us worry about the package assembly.

Nelson Container has specialized in package manufacturing since 1962, and has been able to help customers with quick turnaround times because we provide services like pre-assembling packages as a part of our quick response manufacturing business model.

Industries Benefiting from Pre-Assembled Packaging:

ISTA Testing Cinches your Product’s Safety

Nelson Container does our own in-house ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) testing. We guarantee your product travels safely to its destination. If we test your packaging and damage claims arise, it puts the blame on us. That’s just one more reason why you can feel confident in Nelson Container for all your packaging needs.

We harbor a climate of accountability. When your investment gets safely to its destination, you’ll know it’s because you made the right choice contracting Nelson Container as your business partner.

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