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Packaging for Glass and fragile items

Custom-fit corrugated boxes

Never worry again when shipping fragile items with our custom designs. Our engineers craft perfect design solutions for packaging glass products to ensure that your package will arrive at its destination safely. Nelson Container gives you peace of mind with our In-House ITSA testing to improve package performance while reducing product costs. Our custom inserts also allow for the shipping of multiple items in the same box, saving you money!

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Services We Provide to Streamline Your Packaging Process

We Keep Your Glass Products Safe

Our protective inner packaging is custom-made and reliably protects your products. We guarantee we have what you need to keep your products safe with multiple types of foam and corrugated packaging. Nelson Container corrugated boxes can also utilize lamination to increase the structural integrity of your boxes. Lamination will greatly increase the box’s protection against edge crushing and its bending stiffness. Multiple types of foam can also be used to tightly secure your products within the box.

Shipping Boxes for Breweries

Nelson Container is the best choice for shipping boxes for breweries in Milwaukee and across the region! As a major brewery city, Milwaukee has a thirst for high-quality and reliable packaging solutions to ship beer far and wide. Our specially designed shipping boxes are crafted to securely protect glass bottles during transit. From well-established breweries looking to extend their reach to budding craft brewery ventures, our range of customizable shipping boxes caters to your needs.

The Midwest's Premier

Box Supplier for Fragile Items

With our quick response manufacturing (QRM) your boxes are made and delivered within 24 hours.* We take the guesswork out of shipping fragile items by analyzing the item’s shape and center of gravity to create the perfect corrugated box that won’t slide or flip during shipping. With up to triple wall corrugated boxes your products stay safe from the elements during all points of the shipping process.

  • Glass jar dividersCorrugated boxes for glass & fragile items
  • Interior foam protection
  • Vibration, shock, and compression testing

*(48 hours for customers requiring design services)

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