Cost-Effective Packaging

Packaging Designers Create Low-Cost Shipping Boxes

The most effective way to reduce packaging costs is with packaging design. Material prices are the major component of your packaging costs. Optimizing material usage will reduce the amount of raw material your packaging requires, and the total amount you spend. Custom packaging can be created to fix products individually rather than choosing a generic box that is the closest size to your product. Boxes are designed 2-dimensionally where their layout can be adjusted to obtain the maximum yield per blank of cardboard. 

Cost-Effective Packaging Will Reduce Shipping Costs

Postal carriers have switched to dimensional pricing methods when determining shipping costs. The final price is determined by weighing the product and calculating volume to obtain a “dimensional weight.” If you ship small items in oversized boxes, you can easily save money by economizing your packaging. Methods you can take to reduce your shipping costs include:

  • Optimize the space inside packaging containers

Shipping multiple items inside a larger container will increase cost-effectiveness when shipping smaller items. If you are paying the dimensional weight for shipping, make the most efficient use of your packaging with custom internal packaging. 

  • Consider purchasing custom shipping containers

Commonly available shipping cartons are not ideally suited to a wide range of product sizes. Downsizing your boxes with custom packaging solutions will not only lower your shipping costs but also eliminate the need for filler materials.

Packaging Redesign

Packing costs can be increased by flashy add-ons and elaborate styling as well as material costs. The packaging designers at Nelson Container will redesign your existing packaging to conserve space and lower packaging costs. Stylistic elements which add additional complexity and material can be replaced with printed designs. Thoughtful packaging design will also allow your containers to be multi-function. Multi-function packaging uses custom inserts to ship numerous products using a single box size

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