Shipping Boxes for Electronics

Corrugated Packaging for Electronics

Custom Corrugated Boxes for Electronic Equipment

From one business to another, we know you do A LOT of shipping. You ship big things that need big boxes, and small objects in need of appropriate packaging solutions. Nelson Container has been making smaller custom corrugated boxes for years, and now, with the introduction of The Beast, we're able to make large- to jumbo-sized custom corrugated shipping boxes in bulk and protect even your biggest investments.

The unique requirements of electronic products require each package to fit snugly, minimizing any potentially damaging movement during the shipping process. We use high-quality, state-of-the-art materials to create a robust barrier against external elements and shocks to keep the electronics intact throughout the entire delivery process.

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Expensive Electronic Items Require Worthwhile Packaging

When you need to ship expensive electronics items, Nelson Container is the business partner you need. We manufacture wholesale packaging for all types of electronic items. No matter how delicate, large, or small, we package it. Our engineers are experts at package design. They find the most important dimensions of your product and develop the ideal solution. 

Many PCBs (printed circuit boards), as well as other electronic components, have small pieces jutting up off the board. Engineers design protective inner foam pieces to accommodate those pieces and keep them safe within the corrugated outer walls.


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Services We Provide to Streamline Your Packaging Process

Custom Corrugated

Wholesale Packaging to Fit Your Electronic Products

Custom corrugated packaging or pre-assembled corrugated packaging puts your electronic products in the safest place they can be during transit. Not only is it in the safest place possible, but we make it as fast as possible while cutting inefficiencies in your supply chain. You won't find another package manufacturer in Wisconsin who can manufacture bulk shipping boxes as fast as Nelson Container.

But we're not just a corrugated box manufacturer, we're your logistics package partner. We help with alternative packaging solutions in addition to our bulk corrugated boxes.

Our method for fast production is called quick response manufacturing (QRM). This is employed company-wide to reduce waste, downtime, and overhead costs.

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Our Boxes are Thoroughly Tested to Ensure Safety

We can assure high-quality packaging materials because we test them at our facility. All of our products can be quality controlled with compression, atmospheric, shock and vibration tests to ensure the most protection for your musical instrument and equipment shipping needs.

We take great pride in our quality control measures to make sure every package meets the highest industry standards. Our electronic packaging solutions provide a reliable guard against any potential hazards during transit. No matter how delicate, how large, or how small your electronics are, we package them in expertly designed packaging.


Packaging Supplies

Shipping fragile instruments like guitars require extra precaution to make sure the package arrives at its destination intact. Nelson Container, Wisconsin’s premier corrugated vendor, is here to make sure expensive and fragile musical instruments are shipped safely from your manufacturing plant or store. We have a wide array of packaging solutions for your delicate musical gear shipments, including:

  • Insulated padding – our foam padding, partitions dividers and inserts will secure instruments and equipment like microphones so they will not shift in transit.
  • Custom box-sizing – Instrument manufacturers are faced with the challenge of strange packaging shapes and sizes. Whether you’re shipping a kazoo or shipping a piano or tuba, Nelson Container will design and fabricate appropriate packaging for your instrument packaging needs.
  • Low volume orders – Our corrugated cardboard machining equipment can be reset easily to allow you to order smaller quantities of several different SKUs. This is part of our quick response manufacturing business model and is great for small business owners shipping low quantities to the consumer.
Corrugated packaging for electronic products
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