Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated Packaging vs Cardboard Boxes

The Difference Between Cardboard & Corrugated

Cardboard is a thick paper stock that you would typically see used for cereal boxes. Corrugated is made up of layers of paper that include inside and outside liners with fluting between them, which provides much more strength than standard cardboard.

These differences may seem insignificant to anyone outside the corrugated industry, or to businesses who have never needed shipping boxes, but these details are game-changers. Here are the major differences between cardboard and corrugated that are most relevant to you:

  • The materials used to construct each type of packaging
  • The design & manufacturing process
  • The strength, durability, and reliability of the final packaging product 

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Why Cardboard Falls Short

Cardboard packaging is unreliable when it comes to shipping your product(s). Imagine stacking something heavy on top of a cereal box and hoping your cereal arrives without being crushed or spilled. It'd take a miracle. This is why cereal boxes you find at the grocery store are shipped inside larger corrugated boxes. Cardboard boxes are too flimsy, delicate, and difficult to seal. As a single layer of paper stock, they're also not moisture resistant and tend to fall apart when exposed to rain or liquid leaking out of other packages...which happens more often than you'd expect.

Corrugated Over Cardboard

Poorly loaded trucks and aggressive unloading are remarkably common in the shipping industry. Both cause toppling packages, punctures, unraveling, and crushing that can damage your product. It's our goal to make sure this does not threaten the integrity of your product or its packaging. That's why we manufacture and supply custom corrugated packaging to minimize your shipping risk by providing packaging designed specifically to protect your unique product. This simply cannot be done with standard cardboard.

 Better than cardboard boxes

Corrugated's game-changing advantages over cardboard:
  • Durability
  • Lightweight (High strength : weight ratio)
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Design versatility
  • Strong water-proof sealing
  • Bulge resistance

Corrugated offers clear advantages over cardboard, but how these advantages specifically affect the businesses using corrugated is important to recognize.

Enhanced protection: 

Your products arrive as you sent them. No broken products leading to refunds and dissatisfied customers. Corrugated's multi-layered design provides a sturdy barrier for your products and is far more effective in keeping moisture out.


Your products can be organized and protected by packaging designed specifically for the unique product. Various wall thickness options (single, double, triple), coatings, adhesives, partitions and dividers, inserts, laminations, support pads, and much more are available to ensure your packaging is perfect for your product.


Corrugated packaging is lightweight, easy to produce in bulk, and can be recycled or reused if needed.

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What Nelson Container can do for you:

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We've built our business by designing & manufacturing custom corrugated packaging for our partners. But we've continued to grow because we've optimized our ability to respond quickly to their ever-changing packaging demands. Nelson lead times are 24 hours or less, and we are the only Wisconsin package manufacturer to deliver on this promise consistently. For businesses in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois, partnering with Nelson Container will gain you a competitive advantage in your market.

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