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Our goal is to help your business safely and reliably transport goods all the way down the supply chain.

Any Wisconsin business producing for dynamic demand on a short notice needs Nelson Container. When you successfully complete production on a big order, the last thing you need is a failed delivery because you couldn’t get your boxes on time.

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Directions from

West Bend to Nelson Container

  • Get on US-45 S to Germantown
  • Take exit 54 from I-41
  • Continue on Lannon Rd. Drive to N River Ln
  • Arrive at Nelson Container
    (W180 N11921 River Lane, Germantown, WI 53022)


Recycling in West Bend, WI

Nelson Container does not make cardboard boxes. We’re a green manufacturer of corrugated boxes. Here are some commercial recyclers in the West Bend and surrounding areas of Kewaskum, Jackson, Slinger, and Hartford:

American Metal & Paper Recycling
935 Schoenhaar Dr West Bend, WI 53090
7651 Otten Dr Kewaskum, WI 53040

Nationwide Recycling & Destruction
2375 Stonebridge Cir, West Bend, WI 53095

Advanced Disposal – Horicon
N7296 County Road V, Horicon, WI 54129

Quick Response

Corrugated Package Manufacturing

When you need corrugated packaging for fragile, high-value, low-volume, or constantly changing products on short notice, Nelson Container is the manufacturer you want. Our specialty is partnering with businesses in need of a manufacturer who can short deadlines for irregular production cycles.

Our corrugated boxes are made sturdy, so you can ship them to the other side of the world, or just from West Bend to Milwaukee.

Nelson Container reduces lead times. With such short lead times, we practically eliminate the uncertainty. As soon as you order corrugated packaging from us, we start deciding which machines we will use, when we will ship out the products, etc. You can stick to your strict business-to-business deadlines, keeping all other partners you have happy.

Switch to Nelson Container for:

Protective Inner Foam Packaging

Take a carton of eggs, and drop it on the floor. The carton is perfectly undamaged, right? But how do the eggs look?

Simply designing a container isn’t enough. Our containers protect your product from the elements encountered during transit AND from the product’s own specifications. We design the protective shell as well as any protective inner foam or inner corrugated board designs needed to keep your product stationary and safe.

Not every object fits perfectly in a rectangular container. Not every object has rectangular dimensions. Not every object sits still and unaffected during a cross-country trip in a train car. When your product has awkward dimensions, a hard-to-identify center of gravity, sharp corners, or other complicating aspects, you need Nelson Container.

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The Beast Builds the Best Corrugated Boxes

Nelson Container’s largest box making machine, a jumbo folder/gluer, allows us to create large, jumbo or bigger corrugated boxes faster and cheaper than anyone else in Westbend.

More than just a big cube of paper, we can add anything from dividers to anti-static materials, creating the perfect solution to protect your goods. With 9 different flute profiles coming in either single, double or even triple walled configurations, we can create the perfect corrugated box to meet your needs.

Lead Times to West Bend of Less than 24 Hours

Nelson Container responds to the need for shorter lead times in business-to-business interactions. There’s too much time spent waiting for things to arrive, orders to be acknowledged, and the like. We have lead times of 24 hours or less, sometimes shipping out from our facilities twice in the same day.

West Bend is a little less than one-half hour away from our manufacturing facility in Germantown, WI. Transit time considered, as soon as we ship your packaging, the product should be at your business in under an hour. This is a same-day response, and it’s great for your business.

Single Wall Boxes Double Wall Boxes Triple Wall Boxes


Difference Between

Corrugated Packaging and Cardboard Boxes

"Cardboard" is used to refer to any kind of flat paper packaging. Most of the time people say cardboard when they mean corrugated. Corrugated can be identified by the unique "fluting" between flat layers which gives the packaging slightly more volume while offering much more support. You're probably looking for corrugated, not cardboard.

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