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Lead times across many industries are far too long. Time, labor, and space are being wasted on waiting for goods to be moved, often because of packaging and shipping inefficiencies. Madison produces a lot of high-value products requiring agile packaging solutions. Does your corrugated box manufacturer perform at your expectations, and are your expectations high enough?

Partner with Nelson Container for your packaging needs, and avoid contributing to the inefficiencies plaguing so many of the world’s businesses.

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Driving Directions from

Appleton to Nelson Container

  • Get on US-10 W/WI441 S in Menasha from S Memorial Dr
  • Follow I-41 to Holy Hill Rd in Richfield.
  • Take exit 57 from I-41
  • Continue on Holy Hill Rd to Germantown
  • Arrive at Nelson Container
    (W180 N11921 River Lane, Germantown, WI 53022)

Recycling Corrugated Boxes and

Corrugated Packaging in Appleton, WI

Greener Vision Recycling & Waste
W4892 County Rd O, Appleton, WI 54913

Outagamie County Recycling & Solid Waste Drop-Off Site
1919 Holland Rd, Appleton, WI 54911
121 N Linwood Ave, Appleton, WI 54914

100% Recyclable Materials Used

Both our business and business models are 100% sustainable since both are based on efficiency. Our entire industry is based on recyclable materials, but so many companies are wasting time and space in their manufacturing process.

We employ quick response manufacturing (QRM) techniques, which add to the principles of just-in-time (JIT) and lean manufacturing, to achieve production exactly when you need it. No sooner. And definitely no later.

This technique helps to make Nelson Container as efficient as possible and reduce costs for the entire supply chain.

You can recycle corrugated board, but time lost is time wasted.

Switching to Nelson Container for

Packaging is Right for Your Business if:


Triple Wall Corrugated Packaging

Nelson Container manufacturers shipping boxes to meet the needs of any business. When you are shipping bulky or fragile items, heavy-duty packaging is a worthwhile investment to keep your products safe. In addition to long-distance shipping, triple wall shipping boxes are equally-suited to protecting personal items during a move. Unlike single wall boxes, triple wall containers offer a reinforced construction to resist edge crushing and puncturing. Heavy-duty boxes will save your business money by allowing you to fit more items in a single package rather than purchasing several single wall containers.

Custom Engineered Packaging Solutions

Fact—Nelson Container reduces lead times and improves turnaround times for your business.

Fact—you’ll be able to meet your clients’ needs in a more timely manner when you partner with Nelson Container for your high-value, volatile product packaging requirements.

Learn more about our corrugated packaging options:

Single Wall Boxes Double Wall Boxes Triple Wall Boxes

Don’t just wait around for shipping solutions to hit you on the head. Think outside the box. Think Nelson Container for your dynamic shipping needs.

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Inner Foam Packaging Protects Your Products

At Nelson Container we offer a number of protective foam packaging options to keep your products safe. The type of foam used in your packaging depends on what you are looking to ship. Convoluted (egg crate) is great for keeping fragile products safe during transit due to its shock absorption properties. Another common type of foam inserts is anti static foam, primarily in shipping sensitive electronic products to provide added protection while mitigating the risk of static electricity causing damage to the electrical components.




Close Proximity to Appleton Businesses

Nelson Container’s plant in Germantown is just over 1 hour away from Appleton. The close proximity of Nelson Container to you, a possible business partner, is a major benefit. With less space between us and you, there’s proportionally less risk of anything deterring you from reaching your business goals.

The short distance also helps to reduce lead times and calms any scenes of bedlam your warehouse may resemble. Once you have your packaging, your products can finally leave your warehouse, freeing up space for you to take on new projects and conquer new markets.

24-Hour Turnaround Times

We get your packaging to you fast. Our business day starts at 4 in the morning, allowing us to get your order, process the specifications, set up our machines, and completely manufacture your packaging almost as soon as you thought to order it. That’s fast.

Starting our business day early means we can schedule more ship-out times, and have orders arrive at your business’ door before tomorrow is through. Our drivers are always safe, both on the road and in receiving areas. You’re not going to have to wait an extra day because a driver got in a collision. After all, transportation is a large part of reliable shipping solutions.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor managed inventory does not mean we keep track of how many Snicker's bars you have left in your vending machines. We don't keep track of everything in your inventory; only the things we need to be aware of in order to get your packaging to you at the right time.

When is the right time? When your products are done being produced. If you don't get those things out of your warehouse right away, they're only taking up space that could be used for other inventory.

VMI is an essential part of our quick response manufacturing system, which we've enacted throughout our entire business and extended to those businesses with whom we partner. If Nelson Container isn't able to schedule our manufacturing in cooperation with our partners', the system works less efficiently, slowing turnaround times and lowering bottom lines.

QRM and Nelson Container Help You:

  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Clear space in your warehouse
  • Reduce your impact on the environment
  • Almost eliminate lead times

Quick response manufacturing (QRM) is great for your business as well as ours.

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The Beast Builds

the Best Corrugated Boxes

Our largest box making machine, a jumbo folder/gluer, allows us to create corrugated boxes in bulk faster and cheaper than anyone else in Appleton. Newly designed packages have a lead time of 48 hours and repeat packages are down to an astounding 24 hours.

Each corrugated box order is made to your exact specifications. We are able to use whatever types and grades of materials you need, with either stitched or glued joints to package your products.

Pre-Assembled Packaging

Nelson Container has workers who specialize in assembling your packaging before it arrives at your warehouse or production room floor. When your packaging is complicated, requires taking the time to fold and insert one piece into another, or just isn't something you want to have your workers assemble, we do it for you.

Pre-assembling your packages saves you time and money. Your workers can continue working on what they do. We continue to work on creating the fastest and best packaging available. And the rest of the supply chain continues doing what they do best—supplying.

Difference Between

Corrugated Packaging and Cardboard Boxes

"Cardboard" is used to refer to any kind of flat paper packaging. Most of the time people say cardboard when they mean corrugated. Corrugated can be identified by the unique "fluting" between flat layers which gives the packaging slightly more volume while offering much more support. You're probably looking for corrugated, not cardboard.

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