Shipping Box Supplier for the Healthcare Industry

Corrugated Boxes for the Medical / Healthcare Field

Custom Medical Device Packaging

We manufacture custom corrugated boxes for the healthcare industry, from large shipping boxes for parts and machines to small boxes for protecting samples, vials and other testing materials during transit. 

  • MRI Machine Parts
  • CT Scanner Parts
  • X-Ray Machine Parts
  • Samples
  • And much more!

We make sure your products are perfectly protected in their packaging so each part gets from your facility to where they’re going without so much as a scratch or tilted box. From design to engineering to ISTA testing, we keep the supply chain moving smoothly.

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Services We Provide to Streamline Your Packaging Process

How Our Boxes Protect Your Medical Packages

Medical products have unique shipping requirements to ensure they’re shipped safely and securely. That's why our inner foam packaging can be customized to precisely fit your sensitive medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or equipment. We work closely with you to design tailored packaging solutions that provide a snug and secure fit, maximizing protection during transit and storage.

Interior Foam Protects From Vibration & Other Bumps

At Nelson Container, our priority is the safety and integrity of your sensitive medical products – with our inner foam packaging solutions, your medical shipments will remain secure. Designed with precision and made with high-quality materials, our packaging provides the ultimate protection during transit and storage. Whether it's delicate medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or diagnostic equipment, our inner foam packaging ensures shock absorption and cushioning, safeguarding your products from potential damage or breakage. Rest easy knowing that your valuable medical supplies are shielded by a reliable and durable packaging solution that meets the highest industry standards.

Printing Important Shipping Labels

We print vital safety information directly on our packaging boxes to ensure the secure transit of your healthcare goods. Our clear and concise labeling includes easily recognizable pictograms like "This Side Up" and "Fragile" to remind you of proper handling.

Quick Response

Manufacturing Cuts Overhead Costs

We receive your order. We manufacture your packaging. And you receive it within 24 hours.*

We use a strategy called QRM (quick response manufacturing) to cut the overhead costs of your business. This is a company-wide strategy involving the reduction of non-essential wait times, white space, costs for storing unused materials, and space in warehouses.

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*(turnaround time is 48 hours for customers requiring design services)

Fast Turnaround

Box Manufacturer in Milwaukee

The quality of your corrugated boxes matters when shipping delicate items. It matters, even more, when those items are used to save lives and promote health and well-being. A quick turn around time doesn't have to be a compromise with a quality shipment. That's why our experts also custom design packages that best fit your medical devices while also providing custom protective inner packaging to further transport your product to the lifesaving device of the end-user.

Nelson Container designs and manufactures corrugated boxes for companies’ supplies all over the medical / healthcare field, such as lasers, lenses, gauges, power supplies, diagnostic equipment, etc.

Benefits of Corrugated with Nelson:

    • In-house testing facility ensures your product is transported safely
      • Tests against shock, vibration, compression, and atmospheric conditions
      • Saves money on third-party testing
    • Every aspect of your product is taken into consideration when engineering your packaging
      • Center of gravity and shape
      • Product delicacy
      • Transportation method
      • Weather
    • Timely delivery keeps the chain of supply constant
      • Nelson Container delivers your product packaging within 24 hours
Corrugated packaging for healthcare products
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