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About Nelson Container

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Nelson Container is a privately held sheet plant and package design company founded by Jim and Pat Nelson in the spring of 1962. Back then, the company filled a need for a high-quality, full-service corrugated packaging company handling custom orders and specialty items. We continue to serve that market today on an enhanced level.

Using innovative methods and 50 years of experience in the corrugated (not cardboard) box and packaging industry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we proudly deliver strategic packaging programs that provide the highest-quality product protection across package engineering, design, and testing spectra.

Nelson Container's

Mission Statement

To provide corrugated packaging, complementary products, and services to users in a regional market consistent with their expectations.


Nelson Container's

Corporate Quality Policy

We will provide our customers with defect-free packaging and services, competitively priced and on time. To do this, all of us need to know the exact requirements of our job and our customer’s needs.


Nelson Container's


Our company standards demand high performance, ethical conduct, and continuous learning. We believe we are responsible to our employees, customers, community, and stockholders.


Foam Packaging Solutions

Protecting against product defects due to shipping is easy with foam packaging inserts. Use soft, hill and valley-cut foam inserts to protect your shipments from harm. Adding bulk packaging inserts to your single-wall, double-wall, or triple-wall corrugated boxes is the best thing you can do for your products. The specific cutouts within the foam supports are custom designed to fit your product safely and securely. 

Triple Wall Corrugated Packaging

Built with strength and cushioning properties, triple wall corrugated boxes are built to hold and last. No matter what heavy or bulky products you have to ship, triple-walled packaging can manage. When paired with foam packaging inserts and other protection solutions, the only boxes you'll need are triple wall corrugated. Large, hefty boxes are perfect for medical equipment, machinery parts, computers and monitors, canned food, glass products and more. Call today to order for all your bulk shipping and storing needs.

What We're Doing in the Packaging Industry:

  • Delivering the best product protection, using quality package design and in-house ISTA testing to produce custom corrugated packaging you can trust
  • Meeting enterprises’ high expectations with strategic packaging programs in southeast Wisconsin
  • Partnering with our customers, and following through on our promises to deliver the highest-quality packaging for even the most complicated box specifications
  • Maintaining an environmentally responsible business plan—using 100% recyclable materials
  • Supplying our business partners with defect-free corrugated packaging and services, on time and competitively priced
  • Responsibly serving our employees, customers, community, and stockholders
  • Embracing the principles of customer-intimacy, lean manufacturing, and continuous improvement


A Brief yet Informative History of Nelson Container

With humble beginnings on 32nd and Hampton in the heart of Milwaukee, we’ve now grown to a 92,558 square foot facility in Germantown, Wisconsin. Leadership has been proudly transitioned to the next generation. Tom Nelson, serving as president, continues to fulfill the legacy of quality of the best corrugated packaging companies in the Midwest.

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