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We will custom design your corrugated boxes to match your desired dimensions and needs. We are a great source for packing for industrial and manufacturing companies, and we work with many Southeast Wisconsin businesses to design innovative packaging solutions for their company.

Looking for alternative shipping options for heavy cargo? Nelson Container also does wood shipping containers with paper and cardboard inserts for added protection. We’ll have your supplies sent to you in less than 24 hours, making us one of the most efficient shipping supply companies in the region.

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Shipping Box Options

Whether you know the box dimensions you need and are looking for a manufacturer or just have the product and are looking for the best shipping solution, we are here to help. We are able to make any box to your custom dimensions to keep your products safe during shipping from your business to the destination.

Single Wall Boxes

Max suggested load 120 lbs. Edge Crush Test 26-55 Mullen 150# - 350#

Double Wall Boxes

Max suggested load 180 lbs. Edge Crush Test 48-82 Mullen 275# - 600#

Triple Wall Boxes

Max suggested load 300 lbs. Edge Crush Test 67-120 Mullen 700# - 1300#

Where to Recycle Cardboard and

Corrugated Packaging in Oak Creek, WI

RAM Recycling Inc.
400 W Marquette Ave, Oak Creek, WI 53154

100% Recyclable Materials Used

Both our business and business models are 100% sustainable since both are based on efficiency. Our entire industry is based on recyclable materials, but so many companies are wasting time and space in their manufacturing process.

We employ quick response manufacturing (QRM) techniques, which add to the principles of just-in-time (JIT) and lean manufacturing, to achieve production exactly when you need it. No sooner. And definitely no later.

This technique helps to make Nelson Container as efficient as possible and reduce costs for the entire supply chain.

You can recycle corrugated board, but time lost is time wasted.

Oak Creek Custom

Protective Packaging Design

Nelson Container is Oak Creek’s premier source for custom designed corrugated packaging, bulk cardboard boxes, and shipping containers. Our lead times are under 24 hours, and our quick response manufacturing process ensures that your shipping supplies are ready in no time! Nelson Container offers package delivery for your custom corrugated boxes so your products will arrive straight to your manufacturing floor. Wholesale packaging from Nelson Container offers the bulk pricing of inferior competitors with higher quality and increased attention to detail. 

Inner Foam Packaging Protects Your Products

At Nelson Container we offer a number of protective foam packaging options to keep your products safe. The type of foam used in your packaging depends on what you are looking to ship. Convoluted (egg crate) is great for keeping fragile products safe during transit due to its shock absorption properties. Another common type of foam inserts is anti static foam, primarily in shipping sensitive electronic products to provide added protection while mitigating the risk of static electricity causing damage to the electrical components.

Bulk Shipping Containers from Nelson Container

Single Wall Boxes Double Wall Boxes Triple Wall Boxes

In-House ISTA Testing Facility

Nelson Container has the advantage of utilizing an in-house ISTA testing facility where we test your products’ packaging for weaknesses in the design. If any packaging fails any test, it’s back to the drawing board.

Other companies need a third-party ISTA tester, which requires sending the product and packaging somewhere off-site, waiting for them to have time to test it, and waiting for them to return their findings. Then, if the design fails, the process starts all over again. Design. Wait. Get feedback. Repeat. This is a time-consuming process when a company doesn’t have the ability to perform ISTA tests in-house.

ISTA Tests Offered:

Series 1 1A 1B 1D  
Series 2 2A 2B 2C 2D
Series 3 3A-flat      

The Beast Builds

the Best Corrugated Boxes

Our largest box making machine, a jumbo folder/gluer, allows us to create large, jumbo or bigger corrugated boxes faster and cheaper than anyone else in Oak Creek. Newly designed packages have a lead time of 48 hours and repeat packages are down to an astounding 24 hours.

Each corrugated box order is made to your exact specifications. We are able to use whatever types and grades of materials you need, with either stitched or glued joints to package your products.

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