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Wholesale Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Customers come to us looking for bulk corrugated packaging needs at affordable prices. The price depends on exactly what you need. We offer volume breakpoints for large orders. your price per unit on 1,000,000 corrugated boxes will be cheaper than 10,000 boxes. 

When you are shipping large quantities of products, high-quality packaging is essential. At Nelson Container, we produce reliable, custom-printed packaging at wholesale prices. Properly designed and manufactured packaging helps your business transport products safely and quickly.

Corrugated Boxes Available Wholesale 

Nelson Container sells a range of bulk corrugated boxes to meet your shipping, packaging, and storage needs. Single, double, and triple-wall boxes provide a blend of strength and protection to meet all of your shipping needs. The flute profiles can be modified to create rigid protection and cushioning for any product. We also offer internal packaging design to secure and organize your items during transit. 

Custom Wholesale Shipping Boxes in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota

A box is more than just a method of transporting your products. Custom-designed packaging can act as both a shipping container and presentation box all in one. Die-cut packaging from Nelson Container can accommodate products of various sizes and weights. Custom packaging uses less material than standard bulk boxes and offers unique packaging options with endless customization options to fit your brand. 

Nelson Container offers corrugated boxes for all of your shipping and storing needs.

  • Standard Shipping Boxes: Available in ¼”, ⅛”, 3/16”, 1/16” and 1/32” thicknesses. Single wall boxes are constructed of brown corrugated material and range from 26 ECT - 55 ECT depending on the intended application.
  • Heavy Duty shipping boxes: Double and triple wall boxes provide the support and durability needed for weighty products. Multi-walled corrugated containers range from 48 ECT - 112 ECT to accommodate any product.
  • White corrugated mailers and boxes: Ship print media in professional white mailers.
  • Pre-assembled cartons: The built-in dividers in pre-assembled packages are ideal for organizing small items.

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Corrugated Packaging Boxes

With over 1000 sizes of wholesale shipping containers available, Nelson Container is the leading packaging supplier in Southeast Wisconsin. Our corrugated boxes provide long-lasting protection when shipping your products. Shipping containers are sold in single walldouble wall and triple wall construction depending on the weight of your product(s). Built-in dividers and combination packs ensure that your items remain organized and protected during transit.    

Wholesale Mailer Boxes in Southeast Wisconsin

Ship your products in style with corrugated mailers from Nelson Container. Mailer boxes are ideal for building your brand by shipping catalogs, company literature and promotional items. Mailer boxes are designed to be durable and size-efficient. Custom packaging options are available to suit any brand styling.

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White Corrugated Boxes

Boxes from Nelson Container are manufactured from corrugated board (51 ECT) with a white exterior and natural interior. A sterile white exterior conveys a more sophisticated appearance for shipping your products or displaying company labels. Our corrugated containers are ideal for shipping, moving, storing and mailing. Corrugated packaging from Nelson Container protects the contents from damage from drops, vibration and shocks while in transit.  


Nelson Container—

a Trusted Source for Corrugated Boxes

Nelson Container has been in the corrugated box business for over 50 years. We’ve designed, tested and manufactured corrugated boxes for shipping, storing, and displaying all kinds of heavy, fragile, and valuable products. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for strategic, on-time and environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

Let us know what you need to be protected while in transit, or for storage or display. If we don’t have the perfect solution already, we’ll design one.

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