Anti Static Foam Packaging

Anti-Static Foam for Electronics Packaging

Anti-static foam is designed specifically for shipping electronic components and systems such as computer chips and circuit boards. Anti-static foam is constructed from polyethylene for anti-static properties and shock resistance. Anti-static foam can be die-cut into blocks, trays or sheets to protect and organize electronic components. Polyethylene is environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and has no odor.

What is Anti-Static Foam?

Anti-static foam is a type of protective inner packaging which dissipates electro-static charges which can easily damage sensitive electronic components. Foam used in electronic packaging is often treated with anti-static chemicals to resist the buildup of static electricity through friction during shipping or handling. For maximum protection of electronics, placing components in a conductive bag is recommended. Anti-static foam is not reusable as it allows the static electricity to pass through without building up.

Anti-Static Foam Options

While anti-static foam is typically used for shipping electronics the components will vary in shape and size. Nelson Container's expert design engineers will craft the perfect solution for your anti-static shipping needs. Our wide variety of anti-static foam options includes convoluted (egg crate) foam, foam inserts, foam pouches & more.

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