Shipping Boxes for Food & Drinks

Corrugated Boxes for Food Transportation

Transit for your food products has never been safer or faster than with packaging from Nelson Container. Using other corrugated box manufacturers can leave your cupcakes squished, fruit bruised, or frozen goods thawed. Nelson Container is partnered with a variety of farms, dairies, and other food processors. We design every package to protect the unique product inside and ensure your goods arrive safely and delicious.

Our custom-crafted shipping boxes are designed to withstand all the rigors of transit, and the thorough testing conducted at Nelson Container guarantees that our packaging solutions meet the highest industry standards. Rest easy knowing that your food and beverage products will arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

Boxes for Shipping Cheese & Dairy Products

Dairy farming is one of Wisconsin's largest industries and when you need to package your products for transit, trust a local Wisconsin corrugated packaging manufacturer. We understand the complexities of making corrugated boxes to protect milk jugs, cheese wheels, and meat to prevent damage during the shipping process. Whether you're shipping directly from the farm or a processing plant we will deliver your boxes where you need them, before you're out of them. If you're looking for a packaging partner local to Wisconsin, or just exploring your options, give us a call or fill out a form so we can discuss your packaging needs.

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Services We Provide to Streamline Your Packaging Process

Protective Inner

Packaging for Fragile Food Items

Our protective inner packaging ensures the most fragile items will arrive undamaged. Most food products require protection from outside elements like insects, liquids, and even variable climates. We provide many types of protective packaging for all purposes - including materials for insulation, so your frozen or refrigerated goods stay at the right temperature.

Custom Food Packaging Solutions

Nelson Container's industry-leading approach to manufacturing creates a cost-effective solution even with small-volume orders and ensures fast turnaround times.

This gives smaller manufacturers the ability to ship their products effectively without having to pay bulk prices. We can create the exact size and shape of packaging that your small Wisconsin food production needs. We're here to improve your supply chain as a strategic shipping partner, not just your box supplier.

Easy to Read Labeling

Labeled boxes make it simpler for Wisconsin food products to ship accurately. Whether you ship high-value products or SKUs in low quantity, Nelson Container will produce labeled shipping cartons to keep your packages moving toward their destination.

As thought leaders, we understand that the new Nutrition Fact labels as directed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), may need an upgrade in your logistics labeling environment. This is why we offer packaging printing solutions in order to ease the supply chain's auto-identification and data capture (AIDC) requirements in order to create a leaner and more efficient manufacturing process in your Just-In-Time (JIT) environment.

See the other markets we provide corrugated packaging for in Wisconsin and the Continental US.

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Insulated Packaging

On-Demand with QRM and VMI

Keep your fish fresh, eggs uncracked, and decorated foods safe absolutely anytime you need them with Nelson Container’s 24-hour average repeat order lead times. As a supplier, your goal is to meet the client’s demands for the product. Fast custom box production with quick response manufacturing (QRM) allows us to help your company retain clients, providing on-time package delivery with near-zero notice.

How QRM Works

Quick response manufacturing uses LEAN and Just-in-Time practices applied company-wide to increase our ability to give you packaging when you need it. Well-rounded cells within Nelson Container work in coordination with each other to move our corrugated (or other material) packaging along the production lines and onto you. The key to our short lead times is communication and structure. QRM works best when given the information from vendor-managed inventory, so we know exactly when to start our productions.

How VMI Works

Vendor managed inventory gives us access to your product inventory. When you’re low on the packaging, we whip up a fresh batch. This prevents overstocking and clutter in your warehouses, increasing space for you to stock other items or increasing production.

VMI keeps the entire supply chain moving smoothly, which keeps costs down, from suppliers through consumers. Again, the key is communication.

Let us know when you're starting to mix your cupcakes. As you complete the finishing touches, we'll have you ready to ship them to stores, birthday parties, and any other eagerly waiting mouths.

Food and Beverage Shipping Logistics, Simplified

One of the greatest challenges of food and beverage producers is how to safely and effectively transport their products. Corrugated cardboard containers have been the workhorse of the shipping industry since 1871. Producers in the Wisconsin Cheese Maker’s Association, Cargill Meat Solutions, and Lakefront Brewery all depend on reliable shipping containers to bring their products to stores.

Nelson Container has been providing companies in the Food and Beverage production industry with quality corrugated shipping supplies since 1962. Our protective inner packaging ensures the most fragile items will arrive undamaged and serves as quality box insulation.

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