Corrugated Packaging

Custom Inner Packaging: Partitions & Dividers

Unique Internal Packing for Your Unique Product
Custom Inner Packaging Design corrugated boxes

Keeping your products protected is always the number one priority. We're here to ensure every one of your customers finds your product in the same condition you shipped it in. Partitions and dividers help support this goal and add convenience too.

A few popular examples of what we can provide:

Many of our clients ship products with multiple parts, products that come in sets, or products that require assembly. Having dividers and/or partitions inside the package keeps each individual piece secure and protected during loading, unloading, and transportation. We can work with you to create inner packing that meets the exact dimensions you need and the necessary protection to prevent any damage.

Inner Packaging Provides Added Strength

As an added bonus, even dividers and partitions that are designed for organization purposes provide added structural strength. Think of it as adding load-bearing walls inside your corrugated package. If added structural strength is a primary concern of yours, we also provide internal components designed specifically for that.

We can revolutionize your shipping process - learn how!

Learn more about how we can improve your shipping process with services like Quick Response Manufacturing. Visit our Past Projects Gallery for a better idea of the inner packaging we're able to provide. Or just reach out to us for more information. 


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