Corrugated Packaging

Custom Inner Packaging: Die-Cut Support Pads

Die-Cut Support Pads to Secure Your Products
Custom Packaging Design Support Pads

Die-cut support pads are used to support irregular products from below or lock them into place from above. Alternatively, forms can be placed on two sides or ends of a product. Some inner packing forms are extensions of the box flaps. Irregularly shaped products and products with uneven weight distributions are often the most difficult to ship. Die-cut support pads help fix this issue.

A few popular examples of what else we can provide:

If you're looking to ship awkward products, products in sets, or products that could just use added padding, you'll need a die-cut pad insert designed for your unique product. Having these padding inserts inside the package keeps each item secure and protected during loading, unloading, and transportation - even if they have uneven weight distributions or awkward shapes. We'll work with you to create inner packaging that meets the exact dimensions you need and the necessary protection to prevent any damage.

Inner Packaging for Added Protection

We offer inserts designed specifically to protect your unique product, whether that means a simple or a complex design. Our die-cut padding inserts are primarily for security. These will prevent your product from moving around inside the package during shipping. Other inserts, like our organizational inserts, add convenience, and our structural inserts prevent crushing. If you need packaging inserts to do all of the above, we can design a package for that. Safe, secure, and organized packaging for a satisfied customer every time.    

We can revolutionize your shipping process - learn how!

Learn more about how we can improve your shipping process with services like Quick Response Manufacturing. Visit our Past Projects Gallery for a better idea of the inner packaging we're able to provide. Or just reach out to us for more information. 



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