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Perfectly-Balanced Customer Service

Nelson Container has been providing high-quality packaging services to Southeast Wisconsin and the rest of the country since 1962, and the our experiences have taught us how best to balance our focuses and where to place our energies. Biz Times was nice enough to help us share our insight with you.

Yes. In the world of business and manufacturing, there's a delicate equilibrium that needs to be kept in tact—form vs function—in order to continually meet our customer satisfaction goals. It's all about efficiency and belief, thinking positively.

Biz Times Article:

How user-centered design saved Christmas

"Optimism, as mentioned above, was a key ingredient, and our team was up to the task. Because our designer played an integral role from the beginning and treated as a key member of an integrated team, we were able to spec the job in less than eight hours and produce it with one day to spare. Best of all, there were zero units damaged in the 1,325 displays shipped in our packaging."
Milwaukee Business Magazine

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