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We're All Innovators

Companies should Believe in their Workers

Innovation is one of the biggest keys to success in business. If you're not moving forward, you're falling behind.

Read about innovations in business from someone who knows about it: Tom Nelson. Within his own company, Nelson Container, Tom implemented and made the necessary changes to enable his company to practice quick response manufacturing (QRM).

This method of manufacturing and running his business has allowed him to nearly eliminate lead times for his business partners, open signifcant space in the warehouse, and cut his assets down to the bare essentials. With these changes made, Nelson Container is bringing in more business than ever, and pleasing each business partner coming through the door.

Biz Times:

We're All Innovators

"Be it small or large, product or service, new or old, every company has to rely on people to innovate. The workers, the managers, the owners and the consultants, whether working from home or the office, on the road or in the air – all play a part. Innovation comes from people doing their jobs."
Milwaukee Business Magazine

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