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Nelson Container Employee Selection: what to expect

Our Hiring Process

We believe that people are critical to our business success. Our employees are our most important asset and, as such, are the most important investment we can make.

We believe that where a person chooses to work and why is an extremely important and personal decision. We expect candidates to assess Nelson Container and whether it fits them both before and during the hiring/interviewing procedure.

Like all of our business processes, our hiring is approached in an organized and objective manner.

The Mission of our Hiring Process:

To hire people that have a positive effect on our culture and improve our performance, and, in return, they find fulfillment and satisfaction as a team member of Nelson Container.

Our Strategy:

  • Determine the desired values and traits of “who” we are looking to hire
  • Determine the desired outcome and expectations based on defined responsibilities and duties of the job
  • Identify the specific skills, education, and experience needed to be successful
  • Use a personality profile (Culture Index) and or other assessment tools to assist in determining how an applicant’s personality traits and characteristics align with the demands of the position
  • Verify the above through interview processes

Steps of NCC Hiring and Interview Process:

  1. Evaluate the resume and cover letter or job application; based on the position open
  2. Have applicant complete on-line personality assessment
  3. Conduct a phone interview
  4. Conduct a face-to-face interview with the position’s manager
  5. Conduct an on-premises interview with team members
  6. Conduct a follow-up interview with position’s manager

During any of these hiring steps, Nelson Container may decide not to proceed. In turn, the applicant may decide Nelson Container is not the right fit for them.

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