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Custom Boxes & Packaging Design Solutions in WI

Corrugated Box Engineering and Manufacturing

Nelson Container designs custom packaging for companies with unpredictable orders of high-value products in need of agile package manufacturing.

Every Box is a Custom Box

At first glance, most boxes are four walls with a top and bottom. It’s when you open the package you see evidence of the engineering genius put into packaging the product.

When our package specialists get the specific measurements (dimensions, weights, etc.) of your product, they analyze a variety of metrics to determine the packaging best suited to keeping your product safe.

Even if two products look the same on the outside—shape, height, length, width, weight—the products’ insides may be different. Their balance points may be incongruous. Their weights may vary greatly. At Nelson Container, our engineers take every factor into account to customize packaging for your requirements in the most cost-effective way possible.

Corrugated Packaging Manufacturer Specifications
Regular Slotted Container RSC 0201 Box Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Regular Slotted Container (RSC) - 0201

Regular slotted containers are the most common of all box types. Their design makes them highly efficient for many different applications, and their manufacturing process produces almost zero waste.

Full Overlap Slotted Container 0203 FOL Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL) - 0203

This style of box is almost identical to the RSC; the difference is the flaps. Flaps on FOL containers extend over the entire opening of the box, making them especially durable and resistant to rough handling. The overlapping flaps also provide extra strength for stacking on top, bottom, or sides.

One Piece Folder with Dust Flaps 0415 OPF Manufacturer in Wisconsin

One Piece Folder with Dust Flaps (OPF) - 0415

OPF corrugated boxes are what you may want to use if you’re shipping printed circuit boards (PCBs), because the dust flaps will protect them from dust, and the individual cases aren’t heavy enough to merit more rigid structures. (You will want to consider your transportation type in the above scenario, to make sure you aren’t transporting these with heavier, loosely-packed items.)

Wrap Around Blank 0406 Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Wrap-Around Blank - 0406

These boxes are cut to the right dimensions, and then a sturdy product is placed on the corrugated board. The box is then formed around the product, with the joint being the final closure. When finished, wrap-around blank boxes are, more or less, RSC boxes turned on their sides, making insertion and removal of the product more convenient.

Double Cover Container 0310 DC Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Double Cover Container (DC) - 0310

Double cover containers are essentially tubes with caps on their ends. DCs are frequently used for packaging items too tall or heavy to easily be placed into boxes. One of the covers is placed on a surface, and the object it will contain is placed on that cover. Then the tube part of the box slides on over the top of the object, and the other cover is placed on top. These are commonly found with die cast parts or other heavy metal objects.

Interlocking Double Cover Container 0325 IC Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Interlocking Double Cover Container (IC) - 0325

ICs are exactly like DCs, except for one difference; the lids interlock with the tube when you put the box together. The ease with which these packages fit large objects makes this a great option to use in when packaging washers and dryers and other large appliances. Moving these appliances is easier than if you were to try with a DC, because you can use the box as a sort of help when pushing the object to where it will be placed.

Combined Flute Profiles Add Strength

Single Face Corrugated Board Custom Shipping Boxes Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Single Face Corrugated – one layer of corrugated material is secured onto a single sheet of linerboard

Single Wall Corrugated Board Custom Shipping Boxes Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Single Wall Corrugated – one layer of corrugated material is secured between two linerboard sheets

Double Wall Corrugated Board Custom Shipping Boxes Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Double Wall Corrugated – two layers of corrugated material are secured between three linerboard sheets

Triple Wall Corrugated Board Custom Shipping Boxes Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Triple Wall Corrugated – three layers of corrugated material are secured between four linerboard sheets

Flute profiles and the adhesives we use are both important parts of our corrugated package design choices. If a product is heavy, easily tipped, likely to be jostled during transit, or has points jutting out in various directions, choosing a double- or triple-walled packaging is preferred over single-walled.

Theoretical Board Efficiency Chart

StyleInternational Fiberboard Case CodePreferred Ratio – L:W:D
Flute profiles and the adhesives we use are both important parts of our corrugated package design choices
RSC 0201 2:1:2
Telescope HSCs (0200) 0320 2:1:1
Telescope CSSCs (0204) 0320 1:1:1
CSSC 0204 1:1:2
Telescope Trays 0301 1:1:0.25
Full Overlap 0203 2:1:4

Multiple walls act as a buffer between the product in the packaging and its external environment, which may be extreme temperatures, humidity, winds, other tumbling packages, etc.

Most Common Corrugated Board Flute Types

Flute TypeABCEF
Flutes/Foot 33 47 39 90 125

Nelson Container combines flute profiles when necessary to achieve just the right amount of strength without having to waste material. This ensures you get the best packaging for both your dollar and your unique needs.

Sample Package Fabrication: Testing the Product Before Production

New Package Design Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Packages are designed with CAD software

Rapid Prototype Process Manufacturer in Wisconsin

A CNC machine accurately cuts a sample

In-House ISTA Testing Manufacturer in Wisconsin

The sample is assembled and tested rigorously

Custom Package Design Offers Safe Transit

At Nelson Container, you come to us with a need for custom packaging design, and our engineers churn out solutions based on your product specifications:

Solid exterior packaging guards your product from the elements

Protective interior inserts strengthen your packaging and protect your product

Timely deliveries keep your company on track to succeed

Custom designed inner packaging is a large part of what makes us reputable and successful as a business. Anyone can put your product in a box. Nelson Container makes absolutely sure your product won’t be damaged while it's inside the box, and we get those boxes to you fast.

Most Common Box Styles and Uses

A box is a box is a box, right? Wrong. There are many different types of boxes with varying strengths and usefulness for different products and methods of transport. The time an item sits in transit, the climate it will be exposed to, the type of transportation, and many more factors go into the choice of which kind of box to use and how to support each box’s weak points.

Specialized Moisture-Resistant Adhesives

Specialized Moisture-Resistant AdhesivesSome of the adhesives we use to keep our packages together are starch based. Adhesives made using starch as a base aren’t particularly conducive to holding together in the presence of moisture. When we anticipate a package may encounter high humidity or other forms of moisture during transit, we switch to either a Moisture Resistant Adhesive (MRA) or a Water Resistant Adhesive (WRA). The former is better suited for high-moisture environments and very brief, direct exposures to small amounts of liquids. The latter is rarely necessary, yet is useful for when we anticipate a package may be entirely submerged in a liquid.

Low-Volume per SKU, No Problem

Nelson Container specializes in rapidly transforming corrugated board and other materials into your custom business-to-business transit packaging. Our machine Operators are able to change the settings on their machines very quickly, allowing us to accommodate low-volume per SKU orders especially well.

This is part of our quick response manufacturing (QRM) business model.

Effective communication is one of Nelson Container’s strengths. Interactions and invoices are easily understood and processed with the help of our online ordering system, eKban. Even if you change the specs of your product at the last minute, we change our design to meet your new requirements. Eliminate unnecessary overhead and mitigate the risk of on-time delivery failure. Choose Nelson Container as your full-service corrugated packaging manufacturer.

Need Jumbo Boxes? The Beast is Ready

If you have large products to ship, Nelson Container has just the equipment to build your boxes. Our Jumbo Flexo Folder Gluer machine (aka “The Beast”) enables us to produce large to jumbo-sized boxes with single to triple wall corrugation.

You might think custom-designed Jumbo sized boxes would take longer to get made. Not at Nelson Container. We’re known for short lead and setup times, and our Jumbo boxes are no exception. The average lead time for new package design is just 48 hours, while repeat orders can be completed in 24 hours.

Contact Nelson Container for custom package designs perfectly suited to fit your product.

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