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Single-Wall Corrugated Packaging for B2B Shipping

Nelson Container can design custom, single wall corrugated boxes for virtually anything you need to ship. With our CAD software and state-of-the-industry production capabilities, we have designed and produced shipping boxes for thousands of high-value products for customers throughout the US.

As part of our commitment to providing the best boxes for any shipping need, Nelson Container can build single wall corrugated boxes with whatever flute profile you want. Flutes are the wave-shaped arches sandwiched between the two linerboards, and the size of these flutes affects the cushioning properties and compression strength of the finished box. Combining differently shaped flutes allows us to dial in the exact combination of cushioning and strength you require.

Flutes Available for Single-Wall Corrugated:

Single Wall Corrugated Board Custom Shipping Boxes Supplier in Wisconsin

A-flute: 1/4” thick, 33 flutes per linear foot

  • The original, and thickest, corrugated flute design
  • Provides the most cushioning for fragile items
  • Excellent stiffness qualities and short column crush resistance

B-flute: 1/8” thick, 47 flutes per linear foot

  • Provides stiff, flat surface for quality printing and die-cutting
  • Excellent puncture and crush resistance
  • Commonly used for canned goods, beverage trays, wrap-around blanks as well as pads for inner packing

C-flute: 3/16” thick, 39 flutes per linear foot

  • Most widely used flute size—about 80% of all corrugated containers made with it
  • Good crush resistance and stacking strength, very good printing properties
  • Commonly used for shipping cases, packaging glass products, and furniture

E-flute: 1/16” thick, 90 flutes per linear foot

  • Excellent crush resistance, a relatively flat surface enables high-quality printing
  • Thin profile helps to reduce outer box dimensions & flutes per foot makes the boxes strong
  • Cushioning properties make it a good alternative to paperboard folding cartons for shipping fragile products

F-flute: 1/32” thick, 125 flutes per linear foot

  • Often used for small retail items, POP displays, shoe boxes, and fast food packaging
  • Lower fiber content makes for a more rigid box and less solid waste

Products shipped in corrugated boxes from Nelson Container:

  • Medical equipment
  • MRI machine parts
  • Computers and monitors
  • Food (perishables and canned goods)
  • Electronics
  • Glass and products made of glass

Vendor Managed Inventory Eliminates Overstock and Understock

Nelson Container offers VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) services so you’ll never run out of boxes when you need them most. When you set up VMI with us, your box supply becomes one less thing to hassle with. We’ll know when you’re running low and a new shipment will be automatically sent your way. You even have the option of having your packaging pre-assembled, so your employees don’t have to spend time putting boxes together.

If your business is seasonal and/or if your packaging needs are consistent, VMI services are an easy way to ensure you’re never out of boxes when the busy season hits. Contact us to learn more about setting up Vendor Managed Inventory services with us.

Large, Jumbo and Oversized Boxes

The addition of a Jumbo Flexo Folder Gluer (aka “The Beast”) has enabled Nelson Container to become a trusted source for custom-designed jumbo boxes and industrial-sized packaging. The inline die-cutting, folding and gluing capabilities of The Beast, combined with our Quick Response Manufacturing practices enable an incredibly fast lead time of just 48 hours for new package design and only 24 hours for repeat package designs.

Nelson Container—A Trusted Source for Corrugated Boxes

With over 50 years of experience designing and building corrugated boxes for virtually every kind of product imaginable, Nelson Container is known for strategic, on-time, environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

No matter what you are shipping, Nelson Container can design and produce the best packaging for the job. Keep your product safe with in-house ISTA testing and protective foam inners. Even jumbo and oversized items are no problem for us. Thanks to “The Beast,” our jumbo corrugated folder/gluer machine, there isn’t much that’s too big for our custom packaging.