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Nelson Container Customer Intimacy

Value Discipline: Customer IntimacyHelping customers via assessments for customer intimacy purposes

Areas of Emphasis

  • Develop and nurture close relationships with customers. Provide total solutions to customer needs & problems
  • Offer personalized service solutions and products tailored to meet unique customer needs. Assume responsibility for certain parts of our customer's business
  • Value is created primarily through understanding customer needs and delivering customer-specific solutions rather than lower prices or advanced products
  • Key strengths: product and service customization, customer responsiveness, customer insight and foresight, knowledge of customers business processes

CI Positioning: Benefits to Customer

seamless, reliable, source of supply

Seamless, reliable
source of supply

reliable, consistent product performance

Reliable, consistent
product performance

attracting pricing and contractual relationships

Attracting pricing;
contractual relationships

vendor consolidation


product/process innovation


ease of doing business

Ease of doing

crisis response


peace of mind

of mind

Customer Intimacy Implications

Do More...

  • Sell value; emphasize cost saving solutions
  • Demonstrate technical packaging competence
  • Packaging audits for the customer
  • Streamline process - design to fulfillment
  • Focus on minimizing MCT (Manufacturing Critical Path Time)
  • Short production runs & inventory management
  • Assure vendor reliability

Do Less...

  • Blind quotes, RFQs
  • Cold sales calls
  • Overruns
  • Sell long product runs
  • Hold finished goods in inventory for more than 90 days