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A Corrugated Box Manufacturer with Market Reach

Effective, Cross Market Shipping Solutions

We specialize in two things at Nelson Container: effective package design and quick response manufacturing (QRM). The two areas help to grow one another and help us supply reliable packaging solutions to a variety of markets across Southeastern Wisconsin.




The U.S. plastics industry is a part of almost every other industry as it comprises products or necessary parts in the supply chain and manufacturing process of other industries. It is the third-largest manufacturing industry in the United States as it employs roughly one million people. In 2017, there was an estimated $432.3 billion in shipments and 989,000 jobs, and we helped facilitate the growth of that industry's economy.

We ensure that every touchpoint in the supply chain receives their product in a corrugated promise to satisfy the end consumer quickly. Plastics suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, and retail businesses trust us with our custom-designed corrugated boxes to protect your polymer bits, mold injectors, plastic supplies, and finished products. Our inner foam packaging further prevents product destruction during transit.

Our Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI). further allows your shipping to become flexibly scalable according to the demands of your sales and remaining inventory.



Medical Machinery Corrugated Packaging

Medical / Healthcare

When a major medical equipment supplier needs to ship parts to hospitals around the country, we’re here to help. We understand that you may need to meet specific requirements with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or comply with the Unique Device Identification (UDI) specifications. That's why we make the packaging fit your products' exact specifications, and ensure it arrives at its destination in perfect working condition, whether it's our corrugated packaging, we have a logistics solution for your business.

Patients shouldn’t have to wait for the packaging to get the medical attention they need. This is one reason why Nelson Container provides QRM.

Your order leaves our warehouse within 24 hours.

Everyone wins when you choose Nelson Container.



Manufacturing / Industrial

Heavy metallic products or large obtuse industrial parts are not too much trouble for our engineers to handle. They consider the durability of the boxes, their bulge resistance, tensile strength, and stress points to maximize the safety of your product. They even go as far as employing the help of The Beast, our Jumbo Flexo Folder Gluer, in order to efficiently provide scalable cost-effective solutions.

However, you may not always need a big shipping container to make your product identifiable in the supply chain. That's why we offer printing labeling solutions directly on your corrugated boxes and packaging to reduce stress in your lean manufacturing environment while making your product easily identifiable in a warehouse, distribution center, or on a pallet rack system.

Our custom corrugated packaging options are the first line of defense in your supply chain.

Industrial B2B Packaging



B2B Electronics Packaging


People don't buy television sets and computers, they buy moments of connection, excitement, and emotional immersion. They also invest in the components of these electrical devices like printed circuit boards (PCBs), screens, and other critical electronic components, in order to sustain their desired quality of life.

Nelson Container makes sure those products are safely transferred from one facility to the next, whether it's from a warehouse distribution center to the next step in the supply chain, or from your headquarters to your end-user. Our inner foam packaging is intelligently designed and rigorously tested to prevent product destruction during transit.

Unpredictable scalability and irregular intervals are a thing of the past with our Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI).

Cut lead times that scale with your business' markets and customer demands, today!




According to the Committee of Economic Development, "the food sector has total sales of $1.4 trillion, including food consumed at home and away from home" (this includes the beverage industry). In order to sustain and expand this growth for your business' global and domestic markets, our corrugated packaging is the logistics steward to your supply chain.

At Nelson Container, we have our own in-house ISTA testing facility. Here, we test for how much our packages can endure in a series of tests designed to reflect the conditions of actual transit: atmosphere, vibration, compression, and shock.

Similar to the manufacturing industry, we further cut costs and reduce inefficiencies in your supply chain by printing custom barcodes, pictorial markings, and numbers and symbols on your corrugated boxes. That way your products are ready to ship quicker to your customer.

No more lost inventory, Just safe transit.

Safe Food Packaging



Corrugated Packaging for Promotional Items


"You never get a second chance to make a first impression" is a classic adage that's never gone out of style. Whether you're presenting your brand or organization in a trade show, fair, or other promotional events, it's important to not just show up, but to stand out! Just as you want to differentiate yourself with your displays and promotional tools, make sure your assets arrive in their original form to impress and communicate with your target audience.

Nelson Container's packaging design experts design and create custom foam packing inserts to fit the display’s specific measurements. It won’t bounce around in the container and arrive bent or otherwise damaged. You’ll be able to stand at an expo or convention proud of the image you project.

Ensure your promotional assets are in tip-top shape just like your brand, with Nelson Container's promotional corrugated packaging.




Normally we don't manufacture corrugated packages for industries in business-to-consumer (B2C) due to our straightforward and performance-focused products, but we understand the demand surge why B2C businesses are in need of custom industrial strength packaging. Our B2C customers take advantage of the straightforward and clean utility of our packaging as it can create a minimalist aesthetic that can greatly complement their brand or project. We can still however still create a level of color customization as we offer colored corrugated boxes and cut out patterns.

If you have a B2B product, and the package’s graphic design doesn’t matter as much as the package’s performance in transit, we’re the business partner for you.



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