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Waukesha Area Corrugated Box Package Supplier

Nelson Container manufactures and delivers corrugated boxes in 24 hours or less. We're the fastest, most consistent and reliable packaging manufacturer in the state of Wisconsin. For orders requiring us to run through the design process, add an extra 24 hours. 2 days for designing, manufacturing, and shipping your boxes to you. That's fast!

But we don't just make you boxes fast. We make them strong, protective, and able to perform the job they're needed for. No corners are cut—unless the package needs it. And we definitely take the time to add protective foam inners to any package in need.

Whether you need single wall corrugated packaging, double wall corrugated packaging, or triple wall corrugated packaging, Nelson Container will work with you to ensure the perfect solution for your shipping needs.

We're in Germantown - the shipping time from our corrugated sheet plant to the City of Waukesha is only 30 minutes. That leaves us 23.5 hours to make you boxes exactly to your specifications.

Online box ordering with eKban saves you time.Online Packaging Solutions for Custom Shipping

Nelson Container uses a proprietary system called eKban for online ordering. You can order the exact containers you need, from an assortment of common styles to completely custom containers. You can send us CAD files or we can quickly produce a new design. Using our ISTA lab, we test all our boxes for weaknesses in the face of common shipping hazards to ensure you have sturdy and reliable packaging.

Reducing Turnaround Times with JIT Packaging

To meet your scheduling needs, Nelson Container starts operations at 4 AM each day. Short lead times let us take care of your most urgent packaging orders. We offer 48 hour lead times for the entire design and manufacturing process. Repeat orders take 24 hours or less. 

For even more efficient turnaround times, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) performed by Nelson Container can improve on-hand inventory and reduce out-of-stock events. We keep you stocked on packaging materials based on your needs and schedule, reducing unnecessary overhead.

The Beast Builds the Best Corrugated Boxes

Our largest box making machine, The Beast, allows us to create large, jumbo or bigger corrugated boxes faster and cheaper than anyone else in or around Waukesha. Newly designed packages have a lead time of 48 hours and repeat packages are down to an astounding 24 hours.

Each corrugated box order is made to your exact specifications. We are able to use whatever types and grades of materials you need, with either stitched or glued joints to package your products.

Waukesha Businesses Receiving Pre-Assembled Packaging

To reduce turnaround time on your corrugated packaging, consider pre-assembled boxes. Many Waukesha businesses can benefit from the faster turnaround time offered, such as industries dealing with medical imaging, computer components, plastics, and industrial materials.

Our corrugated packaging withstands local and international shipping stresses to protect your products from damage.

Paper, Plastic, or Wood?

We're glad you asked. Nelson Container does make containers for B2B shipping from materials other than just corrugated board. Don't get us wrong; corrugated board can be extremely strong and able to withstand a lot. It's just sometimes certain products require other types of packaging.

When you contact Nelson Container, it may benefit you to take the time to ask us about our other packaging materials.

Quick Response Manufacturing

Using QRM, Nelson Container has consistently reduced lead times for faster box manufacturing. Orders which once required days to fulfill can now be delivered within 24 hours or even the same day. We know the faster you get your corrugated packing, the sooner you can ship your goods and get your business moving.

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Recycling Cardboard and Corrugated Packaging in Waukesha County

Waukesha Recycling

1001 Tesch Court, Waukesha, WI 53186

Driving Directions from Waukesha to Nelson Container

  • Get on I-94 E in Pewaukee from E St Paul Ave and Redford Blvd
  • Follow I-94 E and I-41/US-45 N to Lannon Rd in Germantown. Take exit 54 from I-41/US-45 N
  • Continue on Lannon Rd. Drive
  • Arrive at Nelson Container
    (W180 N11921 River Lane, Germantown, WI 53022)

Difference Between Corrugated Packaging and Cardboard Boxes

"Cardboard" is used to refer to any kind of flat paper packaging. Most of the time people say cardboard when they mean corrugated. Corrugated can be identified by the unique "fluting" between flat layers which gives the packaging slightly more volume while offering much more support. You're probably looking for corrugated, not cardboard.

Contact Nelson Container's package designers to work with a reliable packaging partner.

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