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Corrugated Box Manufacturer for Kenosha & Racine

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Your Local Package Supplier Near Kenosha and Racine

Nelson Container is Racine and Kenosha’s solution for streamlining the packaging process. We design and manufacture cardboard boxes in as little as 48 hours, with repeat orders leaving our dock in 24.

We’re only 60-70 minutes away – you’ll be hard pressed to find a reliable packaging supplier in Racine or Kenosha who can deliver your boxes in less than 25 hours.

Lightning fast lead times help you meet your business-to-business deadlines and reduce your on-hand inventory, freeing up space for whatever makes you money.

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Custom Engineered Packaging Solutions

Not all containers are created equal. Nelson Container can create completely custom corrugated boxes for you and your clients to meet all your special requirements. Whether your products are fragile and require extra protection or are unusually shaped and need specifically sized boxes, we can make the packaging you need. We even provide protective interior inserts to keep package content from shifting during the shipping process.

24-Hour Turnaround Times

Nelson Container is less than an hour away from Racine and one hour away from Kenosha. There’s no need to wait for weeks for your packaging to arrive while your warehouse fills up with product. You can efficiently ship your goods with Nelson Container boxes.

We start our day at 4 AM so we can always be ready to process your urgent packaging orders. Your order ships out earlier and you no longer have to wait and wait and wait for your packaging to arrive.

Recycle More Often

The Beast Builds the Best Corrugated Boxes

Our largest box making machine, The Beast, allows us to create large, jumbo or bigger corrugated boxes faster and cheaper than anyone else in Racine or Kenosha. Newly designed packages have a lead time of 48 hours and repeat packages are down to an astounding 24 hours.

Each corrugated box order is made to your exact specifications. We are able to use whatever types and grades of materials you need, with either stitched or glued joints to package your products.

QRM and Nelson Container Help You:

  • Reduce your overhead costs
  • Clear space from your warehouse
  • Significantly reduce lead times in ordering
  • Confidently bid on short-notice orders from valuable business clients

We’ve implemented quick response manufacturing (QRM) practices to achieve just-in-time production. These techniques allow us to be more efficient and reliable. Your boxes will reach you on time every time.


VMI is short for vendor managed inventory, which is a part of our QRM strategy. It allows us to track your inventory when it's relevant to our manufacturing process. If you produce PCBs (printed circuit boards) for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machines, we would be able to track where those are on your production line and know when we have to have the packaging at your production floor.

That's how VMI works, and it's a critical part in why Nelson Container is the best package vendor for you. It helps make the whole supply chain more functional and ensures your clients won't have to wait on you to get the parts they need to continue their business.

ISTA Testing Facility

International Safe Transit Association protocols are put in place to help people safely and effectively transport packaged products while having as little impact on the environment as possible. Nelson Container cares about safety and the environment, so we went ahead and got our own in-house ISTA testing facility, rendering us able to do tests for—

ISTA Tests Offered:

Series 1 1A 1B 1D  
Series 2 2A 2B 2C 2D
Series 3 3A-flat      

ISTA Testing Logo

Using 100% Recyclable Materials

Nelson Container believes in utilizing the most efficient methods of manufacturing, including reducing wasted time and space in our process. As a result, our business models are 100% sustainable and good for the planet. Our corrugated boxes can be taken to recycling centers in your area rather than sent to fill up space at the dump.

Recycling Cardboard and Corrugated in Kenosha, WI

Kenosha Public Works Department

625 52nd Street, Room 305, Kenosha, WI 53140

Recycling Cardboard and Corrugated in Racine, WI

Miller Compressing Company

1339 17th Street, Racine, WI 53403

Driving Directions from Kenosha to Nelson Container

  • Get on I-41/I-94 W/US-41 N from Washington Rd and County Hwy S
  • Follow I-41/I-94 W to Lannon Rd in Germantown. Take exit 54 from I-41
  • Continue on Lannon Rd. Drive to N River Ln
  • Arrive at Nelson Container (W180 N11921 River Lane, Germantown, WI 53022)

Driving Directions from Racine to Nelson Container

  • Get on I-41/I-94 W/US-41 N in Caledonia from Northwestern Ave
  • Follow I-41/I-94 W/US-41 N to Lannon Rd in Germantown. Take exit 54 from I-41
  • Continue on Lannon Rd. Drive to N River Ln
  • Arrive at Nelson Container (W180 N11921 River Lane, Germantown, WI 53022)

Difference Between Corrugated Packaging and Cardboard Boxes

"Cardboard" is used to refer to any kind of flat paper packaging. Most of the time people say cardboard when they mean corrugated. Corrugated can be identified by the unique "fluting" between flat layers which gives the packaging slightly more volume while offering much more support. You're probably looking for corrugated, not cardboard.

Contact Nelson Container, and partner with a reliable packaging manufacturer.

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