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Custom Corrugated Packaging for B2B Shipping

Nelson container gets your product from Point A to Point B safely without the downtime you get when using other corrugated box suppliers. This is made possible by our QRM (quick response manufacturing) business model, which eliminates waste and inefficiencies.

Why Choose Nelson Container?100% Recyclable Products

  • 24-Hour Turnaround Times
  • Custom Corrugated Packaging
  • Protective Foam Inner Packaging
  • 100% Recyclable Materials
  • Reduced Overhead Costs

Custom Design

Your brand is unique, and your products are too. Nelson Container provides you with an inexpensive and reliable way to get your product from business to business without damage: single wall, double wall, and triple wall corrugated boxes & packaging.

We specialize in developing and manufacturing custom packaging in the shortest time possible. Dynamic, high-value items are what we do best. Our engineers take every aspect of your product into consideration when designing its packaging—center of gravity, edges and points, weight, and dimensions, just to name a few.

Inner Foam Packaging

After the corrugated carton, this is the most important consideration for intact product delivery. The foam inserts in a package stop an item from tilting, tipping, shaking, and rattling; they keep an item stationary inside its packaging.

While in transport, movement and road imperfections vibrate packages. Foam inserts keep the items inside of those packages from changing their center of gravity. They also keep edges and points of items from tearing through packaging, allowing the shell to maintain its protective quality.

We are able to test for how a package will perform in these conditions without ever leaving our building. A big thanks to in-house ISTA testing1A, 1B1D, 2A, and 2B—for that one. Nelson Container makes sure your packages are built to withstand any conditions that may possibly be thrown at it while in transit.

Quick Response Manufacturing

If you're coming to us, there's a good chance your last package manufacturer failed you. They may not have been able to meet your needs.

We can.

We employ a special ordering system called eKban allowing customers to place orders easily. It cuts out the need for purchase orders, confirmation, and other back/forth communications that would make the process slower. This system is part of our QRM business model. In the end, QRM gets your packaging made and out to you within 24 hours. Talk about fast.

The Beast Means (Good) Business for Businesses

Nelson Container’s largest box making machine, The Beast, allows us to create large, jumbo or oversized corrugated boxes faster and cheaper than anyone else in or around Germantown.

There's more to our boxes than just a big cube of paper. We can add anything from internal dividers to cushioning foam inserts and anti-static materials to keep your goods safe in transit. With 9 different flute profiles available in single, double or even triple walled configurations, we can design and produce the perfect corrugated box for virtually any large shipment.

Difference Between Corrugated Packaging and Cardboard Boxes

"Cardboard" is used to refer to any kind of flat paper packaging. Most of the time people say cardboard when they mean corrugated. Corrugated can be identified by the unique "fluting" between flat layers which gives the packaging slightly more volume while offering much more support. You're probably looking for corrugated, not cardboard.

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  • Germantown, WI to Chicago, IL ≈ 2.2 hours
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