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Minnesota Custom Corrugated Packaging

Count on Shipping Solutions

Nelson Container makes custom corrugated B2B shipping boxes for companies with high-value, dynamic products. If your company needs boxes for products with low volume per SKU, needs repeat orders filled at unpredictable intervals, or quickly developed and tested containers, we're here to help out. With lead times like ours, there's no better option in the Midwest. Choose Nelson Container for your custom box needs.

Unbeatable Turnaround Times

+ First-Time Orders leave our factory within 48 hours of initial design approval
+ Repeat Orders ship out within 24 hours

Quick Response Manufacturing

+ Combines Lean & Just-in-Time principles for fast production
+ Great for: low volume per SKU, high value, dynamic products on a tight production schedule

Vendor Managed Inventory

+ Great for: partners with scheduled changes in packaging needs, or have unchanging product/s requiring irregular, unpredictable intervals

Today, tomorrow, and for years following, Nelson Container is always your best option for supplying your business with the packaging solutions and shipping box supplies you need for your daily operations to run smoothly. Our custom boxes can ship anything in Minnesota. From clothes to TVs and contractor tools and banners, there are a number of industries who can benefit from the custom, corrugated boxes and packaging solutions Nelson Container provides.

Milwaukee Package Manufacturer

If you have any concerns regarding the products you have needing to be shipped, don’t hesitate to contact us. Minnesota businesses worried about our capabilities can have a sample product designed and cut for them to see if our shipping boxes and containers match up to your personal standards. With corrugated and custom cardboard boxes available, your Minnesota business can continue operation confidently knowing your shipped products aren’t being harmed during travel.

The Beast Builds the Best Corrugated Boxes

Nelson Container’s largest box making machine, The Beast, allows us to create large, jumbo or bigger corrugated boxes faster and cheaper than anyone in Minnesota.

More than just a big cube of paper, we can add anything from dividers to anti-static materials, creating the perfect solution to protect your goods. With 9 different flute profiles coming in either single, double or even triple walled configurations, we can create the perfect corrugated box to meet your needs.

Additional Convenient Services:

Milwaukee Package Manufacturer