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Indiana Custom Corrugated Supplier

Count on Shipping Solutions

Having the best shipping boxes supplier on your side benefits you immensely when shipping fragile items through Indiana. Focused on providing the best custom packaging options, Nelson Container manufactures corrugated cardboard and gift boxes for anyone needing extra protection on their outgoing shipments. Whether you need a big box or a tall container, it can be frustrating when your supplier asks you if close enough is okay.

We partner proudly with businesses throughout Indiana and the Midwest United States, serving as one of the most reliable B2B (business-to-business) companies in the country.

Unbeatable Turnaround Times

+ First-Time Orders leave our factory within 48 hours of initial design approval
+ Repeat Orders ship out within 24 hours

Quick Response Manufacturing

+ Combines Lean & Just-in-Time principles for fast production
+ Great for: low volume per SKU, high value, dynamic products on a tight production schedule

Vendor Managed Inventory

+ Great for: partners with scheduled changes in packaging needs, or have unchanging product/s requiring irregular, unpredictable intervals

We have proven time and time again we’re capable of keeping up with companies’ high demands and unpredictable schedules. Picking your shipping box supplier is a huge decision, but with the expert packaging services from Nelson Container, Indiana companies and corporations can make the decision quickly and confidently.

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